14k White Gold Emerald Pendant in 18k White Solid Gold Necklace

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2 carat Emerald cut Colombian Emerald pendant with 81 micro-pave' set diamond adornments. Classic and simple design brings attention to the premium quality Emerald center stone. 

Chic 18k white gold perfectly compliments the vibrant green color hue of the Emerald. Step cut for optimal sparkle and light refraction. This lively green color saturation is precisely why Emeralds of Colombian origin command such high prices and why they are sorely sought after by fine jewelry lovers and gemology enthusiasts alike.

✔ Necklace and pendant included with order
✔ Gold Karat: 18K
✔ Emerald Weight: 2.15 carats
✔ Emerald Origin: Colombia
✔ Cut: Emerald
✔ 4 Prong 18k white gold setting
✔ Clarity Enhancements: None
✔ Diamonds: 81 pcs, 0.18 carats total
✔ Necklace length: 22 inches
✔ Pendant Height: 13.2 mm
✔ Pendant Width: 10.6 mm
✔ Pendant Weight: 2.23 grams