2 carat Marquise Shape Colombian Emerald with Smaller Marquise Emeralds and Diamond ring

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This absolutely remarkable Emerald ring is mounted in 18k white gold micro-pave' diamond setting. 1.92 carat Natural Emerald center stone is of colombian origin and is truly drop dead gorgeous. I will not speak of my other Emerald pieces as I will with this one. Seriously, I'm obsessed with this piece. Each Emerald is mounted with sharp 18k Yellow Gold that perfectly contrasts and that exaggerates the life and green color hue of the Emerald. This lively deep green color saturation is precisely why Emeralds of Colombian origin command such high prices and why they are sorely sought after my gemology enthusiasts.

✔ Gold Karat: 18K
✔ Center Emerald: 1.92 carat
✔ Emerald Origin: Colombia
✔ Cut: Marquise
✔ Emerald Adornments: 8 pcs; 1.50 carats total
✔ 4 Prong 18k yellow gold setting
✔ Clarity Enhancements: None
✔ Ring Weight: 6.42g

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