3.13 Carat Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

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3.13 CARAT White Gold Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring. Emerald cut, G color, VVS2 clarity.

Eye-popping 3 carat Lab-Grown Diamond in a solitaire set ring. The ring is made in a secure 4-prong 18k solid white gold setting. Ideal for daily wear and for those of you who work with your hands a lot. The prongs are also fixed with ballpoint edges, so you can lose the fear of your ring getting caught in your clothing!

Double rhodium plated for long-lasting brilliance and shine.


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SKU#: CD0031EI

Center Stone:
✔ Carat: 3.13
✔ Color: G
✔ Clarity: VVS2
✔ Cut: Emerald
✔ Measurements: 9.31 x 7.32 x 4.80 mm

Ring Details:
✔ Metal: 18 karat white gold
✔ Style: Solitaire
✔ Setting: 4-prong
✔ Ring Size: 7
✔ Ring Weight: 4.0 grams

IGI Certificate Number: LG512224688



★ The center stone diamond is a lab-grown diamond, not an earth-mined diamond. If you wish to have this exact ring made with an earth-mined diamond, please message us directly.

★ Ships from Miami, Florida with free domestic overnight shipping.

★ Comes complete with an IGI certificate of authenticity, certificate of appraisal, ring box with gift wrapping, and a service warranty.

★ Enjoy a free pair of diamond stud earrings with your purchase of over $10,000.



USA: 1-4 business days (USPS/FedEx)
Canada: 5-14 business days
Australia: 5-12 business days (Australia Line)
New Zealand: 7-20 business days
Europe: 5-14 business days
Other countries: 10-25 business days

What makes this lab-created diamond better than most lab-grown diamonds?

The growth method for these diamonds is known as CVD, short for Chemical Vapor Deposition. This method of growth is superior to other alternatives like HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) because it uses far less energy and machinery, thereby leaving a smaller carbon and energy footprint during growth. This advanced growth method also creates diamonds of far better quality. HPHT produces diamonds with mainly yellowish or brownish-yellow colors, while CVD creates stones with much higher color and clarity grades.


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