Georgian Era (1714-1837)

Named after King George I-IV (the first era to be named after the presiding Monarch of England at the time), the Georgian Era is truly the “first chapter” of European jewelry history. The Georgian Era of antique jewelry brought the world 18K gold alloys, the “Parure” (or jewelry suite), Cameo Shell jewelry, and colorful gemstone necklaces.


Jewelry designed in this era was also crafted with specific times of the day in mind. For instance, women wore a clock pendant necklace, a cameo pin, colored gemstone rings, matching bracelets and ornate earrings during the daylight hours, changing into diamond jewelry sets at night. This emphasis on nighttime jewelry brought us the “Riviere” Diamond necklaces that remain a staple of jewelry collections to this day, as well as attaching larger importance to the wearer's environment when adorned. 



The first of the European Jewelry Era's that was named after the sitting monarch of the time, the short-yet-impactful Georgian Era bridged the gap between ancient jewels and the magnificent diamond and gemstone gold-set jewelry that set the stage for the prominent era's of antique European jewelry.