GRS Certified 5.94 Carat No Heat VIVID orangy-red Mozambique Loose Ruby

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GRS certified 5.94 carat unheated ruby of Mozambique origin. The certification identifies color dominance in opposing chronological order. Meaning the rightmost color is the most dominating, while the colors mentioned prior are less dominant.

This legendary gem also features a large face that is not too deep. Meaning the carat weight is very optically present when worn face up on a ring, as opposed to high carat stones with large depth, in which the carat weight is more hidden. 

- GRS Report Number: GRS2017-128961
- Date 21 December 2017
Object Description: One faceted gemstone
Identification: Natural Ruby
Weight: 5.94 ct
Dimensions: 12.74 x 10.36 x 4.73 (mm)
Cut: brilliant/step
Shape: oval
Color: vivid orangy-red
Comments: No indication of thermal treatment
Origin: Mozambique

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