1.07 Carat, J Color, VS1 Clarity, GIA Certified Diamond Engagement Ring

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Receive this 3mm Tiny Natural Diamond Stud Earrings When You Make a Purchase of Over$2,500.

This natural diamond comes with the most highly regarded and reliable gemological certification available, GIA (Gemological institute of America).

Excellent cut for optimal brilliance and light reflection. VS1 clarity grade ensures lifetime sparkle and shine that captivates the eye. The center diamond is also held by four heart shaped prongs.

This ring is perfect for those who are unsure about what engagement ring to buy for their loved one. It’s a round cut (most popular cut in the USA), eye clean (no visible inclusions with the naked eye), classic 18k white gold setting, and of course, the GIA certificate to ensure it’s authenticity as a natural diamond. The ring checks all the boxes, the perfect ring.

This diamond engagement ring transcends the physical diamond as it communicates the message of eternal love.

✔ Natural diamonds (GIA certified)
✔ Diamond Side-stone Ring Setting
✔ 18k White Gold
✔ GIA Certification
✔ 4 heart shaped prongs
✔ Carat: 1.07ct
✔ Color: J
✔ Clarity: VS1
✔ Cut: Excellent
✔ Polish: Very Good
✔ Symmetry: Very Good
✔ Fluorescence: None
✔ Measurements: 6.57-6.60 x 4.11mm
✔ 0.22 carats in diamonds on the side