Alexey Denisov-Uralsky Signed Russian Ural Mountain Emerald Pendant

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- Stone: Emerald
- Designer: Alexey Denisov-Uralsky (1864-1926)
- Era: Early 20th-Century (1914-1917)
- Stone Size: 22.98 x 21.7 x 10.24 mm (40+ Carats)
- Stone Cut: Emerald

- Stone Color: Green
- Stone Origin: Russia (Ural Region)
- Necklace: Gold, 13 White Diamonds (Trilliant-Cut, Marquis-Cut, Pear-Shape)
- Diamonds (Total): 13 Pear-Shape, Marquis-Cut, and Trilliant-Cut Diamonds
- Metal: Gold
- Pendant Length: 6 ¾ inches (17.15 cm)


Discover the History and Beauty of the Rare Russian Diamond-Set Pendant Necklace by Alexey Denisov-Uralsky

The present pendant, featuring a rare and exceptionally large Russian emerald from the Ural region, exemplifies Denisov-Uralsky's interest in Russia's native precious stones. The emerald is set in gold and platinum by the Sixth Jewelry Artel of St. Petersburg, and it can be dated to the period of 1914-1917, both by the assay mark and the stamp inside the original fitted case. The stamp indicates that the pendant was sold by Denisov-Uralsky at 27 Bolshaya Morskaya in "Petrograd," the name for St. Petersburg during World War I.

Alexey Denisov-Uralsky, a renowned painter and lapidary, founded the esteemed firm of Denisov-Uralsky in St. Petersburg. With a passion for showcasing the natural resources of Russia's Ural Mountains, Denisov-Uralsky's artistic work gained recognition at international exhibitions, including Copenhagen (1888) and Paris (1889). His vision encompassed both promoting the extraction of precious stones from the region while advocating for their sustainable use.

Operating from a workshop and retail shop in St. Petersburg, Denisov-Uralsky's craftsmanship ranged from functional desk objects and statuettes to decorative pictures made of semiprecious stones enhanced with watercolor. Additionally, he crafted exquisite jewelry using gold, emeralds, rubies, and pearls.

The pendant at hand is a true testament to Denisov-Uralsky's fascination with Russia's native gemstones. Featuring a rare and exceptionally large Russian emerald from the Ural region, it is skillfully set in a combination of gold and platinum by the esteemed Sixth Jewelry Artel of St. Petersburg. The pendant's assay mark and the stamp found within its original fitted case confirm its origin from the period of 1914-1917. Notably, the stamp reveals that Denisov-Uralsky sold the pendant at his esteemed location, 27 Bolshaya Morskaya, in "Petrograd," the name by which St. Petersburg was known during World War I.

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