Transparency Initiative

Transparency Initiative

Assay Jewelers is a proud partner of Everledger and Provenance Proof, a cutting edge blockchain technology company pioneering the path to securely trace and uncover each gemstone's unique origin journey from mine to jewelry.


Uncovering this long journey adds transparency and verifies each stone as ethically sourced. This verification allows us to substantiate our moral and ethical claims with third parties, as well as shining a light on each players unique role in the supply chain. 


Every stone has a story, Everledger and Provenance Proof are helping us tell that story. 


Here’s how it works. 


  • Each entity contributes data: this data is then streamlined across the supply chain. From miners, to cutters, to wholesalers, and ultimately retailers, each step in the supply chain is securely logged on the blockchain.



  • Visibility: With each gemstone, consumers can see exactly where their stone comes from. When a customer purchases a gemstone with Provenance Proof, they become a part of that stones journey and the ownership of that digital asset is transferred onto them.

A glimpse of the digital asset API:


Statement of provenance:

By incorporating QR codes that link directly to a gem’s blockchain-validated story within its hardcopy ‘statement of provenance,’ jewelry purchasers can access and share the origin of their piece. (

assay jewelers digital asset emerald ring


Click the link below to get a public view of the digital asset:

Owners of gemstone jewelry now have the ability to show the transformation process from mining, to polishing, to grading and into finished jewelry. You become a part of the stones story. Another hand exchanged in this timeless piece.