Art Nouveau (1895-1910)

Translating literally to “new art”, the Art Nouveau period of antique jewelry proves to be aptly-named, as innovations in design and crafting– as well as consumer mentality and tastes– have maintained their influence until the present day.

After the surge of manufacturing in the Victorian Era, Art Nouveau brought a revival in handmade jewelry, as unique designs became highly sought-after post-industrial revolution. Keeping to its down to earth heritage, the jewels of the era were often inspired by nature, such as insects and flowers, set in lovely colors, and centering natural gems.

The first era to not be named after the presiding monarch, Art Nouveau styles were a rebellion and change against the rigid, formulaic designs of the mid-late Victorian period. Originating in France, Art Nouveau was also the first of the noted jewelry eras of the 18th and 19th centuries to emerge out of a non-British country.