Founded in 1847 Paris, France by Louis-François Cartier, the eponymously-named brand has come a long way from the “Rue de la Paix”. Growing in popularity during the onset of the 20th Century, Cartier had their defining moment when a friend of Louis’, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, complained about the impracticality of pocket watches while flying his plane. With this, Cartier developed the “Santos” watch, which was the first men’s wristwatch ever released. 

The business did not truly take off, however, until brother Pierre Cartier opened the New York City branch of Cartier in 1909. By then, Cartier had boutiques in London, New York and Saint Petersburg, and was rapidly becoming one of the world's renowned jewelers. They have retained their Old Bond Street location in London since 1919 and have expanded to over 200 stores in a staggering 125 countries! 

Cartier iconic designs include the “Panthere”, the “Love” collection, and the iconic “Tutti Frutti” designs of the Art Deco Era. The following are still produced for this day and are the subject of massive auctions. For example, a “Tutti Frutti” Art Deco bracelet sold for a stunning $2.2 Million in 2014! 



Synonymous with luxury, Cartier have transcended the world of jewelry and are emblematic of opulence and splendor. Through their unique designs, superlative branding, and global presence, Cartier has become an aspiration worldwide.