David Webb

Jeweler David Webb was an icon of Mid-20th Century Jewelry, establishing his self-titled brand as one of the first true “American Jewelers” in a time when High Jewelry was at its peak in America and the public craved a homegrown jeweler that could compete with the European jewelry giants. 

David Webb in his NYC boutique - David Webb archives

Establishing his first shop in 1948 at the heart of Post-War New York City, master jeweler David Webb used his marketing savvy to expand growth, visiting museums and dinner parties to mingle with high society– and spread his jewelry gospel. By 1962, he became First Lady Jackie Kennedy's choice to make the official Gifts of State. The reign of David Webb raged on as his designs became renowned for their flexibility. Jewelry was mainly worn at night back then due to strong daylight dimming jewels, but David Webb’s designs were meant to be worn at any and all times of the day. While he abruptly and tragically passed away in 1975, the eponymously-named brand continues on to this day.


David Webb Coral Brooch

Known for colorful, flexible designs, David Webb’s jewelry was beloved by the greatest generation– the Post-War American Era. One of his most famous designs were based on animals, with Elizabeth Taylor gaining admiration for the jeweler, even wearing David Webb diamond-studded lion and pearl jewelry in films. The Duke of Windsor gifted his wife a Twin-Frog Bangle and Diana Vreeland was often spotted in her Zebra Bangle, but no project of David Webb’s was as significant as the Gifts of State– commissioned by First Lady Jackie Kennedy. David Webb was also known for crafting jewelry with “antique gold” designs and for pioneering the use of Black Enamel in jewelry. 

David Webb New York Ad

Today David Webb remains synonymous with the history of high jewelry in the United States. Their flagship boutiques remain, with their Madison Avenue location in New York and their west coast shop in famed shopping avenue Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles.