Modern (1965-Present)

Modern jewelry is harder to typecast into one uniformed era of jewels. Due to the effects of globalization (and particularly the rise of the internet), information is readily accessible in all corners of the earth, leading to a true democratization of the jewelry world. 

Tiffany & Co icons of lore and modern day: Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga

The Modern era of jewelry design has been defined by minimalism. While many have created odes to bygone jewelry era’s, such as the immensely popular “Vintage” jewelry of the modern day, the 2010’s brought the return of minimalist, delicate, gold-set jewelry. Celebrity jewels, while not as acclaimed, are still the highlight of “Red-Carpet” formal events, such as award shows.

A jeweler sets an emerald ring - Assay Jewelers

 The lore of famous Diamonds and Gemstones have reached all corners of the Earth, and Asia is once again among the largest markets on the planet. The internet, globalization, and world trade have further democratized jewelry, as styles, information, prices and more are all at the click of a button. The only era of jewelry that continues