1-6 carat 3-Prong Martini Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold

Assay Jewelers

SKU: SM1132-E
Receive this 3mm Tiny Natural Diamond Stud Earrings When You Make a Purchase of Over$2,500.

14k solid white gold setting, 3-prong martini, simple solitaire lab-grown diamond stud earrings.

Lab-grown CVD Diamonds round cut in a solitaire 3-prong martini setting. Passes standard diamond tester and looks/feels exactly like a natural diamond. The ideal gift for him or her that will last a lifetime. Order comes complete with gift wrapping and free shipping.

**30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARENTEE - If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return them with no restocking fee and receive 100% of your money back**

Our Size selection:
- 1 Carat Total: 5mm (0.50ct each)
- 2 Carat Total: 6.5mm (1.0ct each)
- 3 Carat Total: 7.5mm (1.5ct each)
- 4 Carat Total: 8mm (2.0ct each)
- 6 Carat Total: 9mm (3.0ct each)

*MM sizes are within +/- 0.5mm 

Diamond Details:
- E-G Color
- VS2-SI1 Clarity
- Round Brilliant Cut (Ideal/Excellent)

Setting Specifics:
- Metal: 14 karat SOLID white gold
- Style: Martini
- Mounting: 3-Prong


Come with 3rd party EGL certificate or certificate of appraisal. Certified and appraised by a GIA graduate gemologist.

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Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions we're happy to help.

The growth method for these diamonds is known as CVD, short for Chemical Vapor Deposition. This method of growth is superior to other alternatives like HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) because it uses far less energy and machinery, thereby leaving a smaller carbon and energy footprint during growth. This advanced growth method also creates diamonds of far better quality. HPHT produces diamonds with mainly yellowish or brownish-yellow colors, while CVD creates stones with much higher color and clarity grades. To put it simply, HPHT diamonds look and feel like a diamond alternative (dull and cloudy), while CVD diamonds have the brilliance, liveliness, and personality of natural diamonds.