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IGI certified Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry and Engagement Rings. 

What is a lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are not an imitation stone like a Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite, this is a genuine, 100% real diamond. There is no difference visually, or physically. Both are comprised of 99.9% carbon atoms.

Lab-Grown Diamonds have captured the imagination of Jewelry collectors and connoisseurs around the world. The beauty and allure of diamonds without the environmental damage or conflict – and at a fraction of the price – has made Lab-Grown Diamonds, particularly CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamonds a new favorite among jewelry lovers.

The only difference is that lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory rather mined from the earth. Lab-created diamonds are created either by mimicking the earth's natural high temperature and high-pressure process (HPHT), or a process in which diamond seed particles are grown in a vacuum chamber, which imitates how diamonds form in interstellar gas clouds! This chamber becomes filled with carbon gases at extremely high temperatures. The gas turns into plasma from these high temperatures, causing the release of carbon pieces. These carbon pieces are then layered onto a diamond seed, which slowly grows the diamonds you see above. 

What makes this lab-created diamond better than most lab-grown diamonds?

The growth method for these diamonds is known as CVD, short for Chemical Vapor Deposition. This method of growth is superior to other alternatives like HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) because it uses far less energy and machinery, thereby leaving a smaller carbon and energy footprint during growth. This advanced growth method also creates diamonds of far better quality. HPHT produces diamonds with mainly yellowish or brownish-yellow colors, while CVD creates stones with much higher color and clarity grades.

While Earth-Mined and Lab-Grown Diamonds have no difference in chemical properties, there are differences that make some Lab-Grown Diamonds superior to others – even if they have the same 4 C’s grading on the certificate.

99% of CVD Lab Grown Diamonds undergo what is known as “HPHT” (High Pressure High Temperature) treatment after the diamond is grown. The finest 1% of CVD Diamonds, however, are spared this treatment – allowing the stone to retain 100% of its brilliance and sparkle without undergoing extensive treatment.

Lab Grown Diamond practices also factor into the quality of a diamond. For example, CVD Diamond rough typically takes 1-4 weeks to grow. The longer and more carefully the stone is grown, the finer it looks after it is polished. The quality of machinery and skill of the craftsman also heavily influences the quality of a lab diamond.

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