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Shop natural Emerald Jewelry that's certified and appraised by expert gemologists. With legendary origins such as Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and more. 

Natural Emeralds 100 million years in the making. Calling all May birthstones and Emerald lovers to explore our unmatched selection of gems. 

How do I know if the Emeralds are natural? 

Emeralds are unique in that they rarely ever come completely free of inclusions. If they do, you will most certainly find them paired with a certificate of authenticity and priced in the tens of thousands per carat. With that being said, our Emeralds speak for themselves. Each one bears its own distinctive inclusions, or as we like to call them, birthmarks. 

All of our Emerald jewelry comes complete with a certificate of appraisal. Certified and appraised by a GIA graduate gemologist. Our higher-end Emeralds also include certificates of authenticity from the most prestigious gemological laboratories in the world. Including GIA, AGL, GRS, and others. 

What makes for a valuable Emerald?

When it comes to Emeralds, the most important factors to consider are carat, color, clarity, luster, and brilliance. With carat weight and color being the most important factor.

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Can you find me the Emerald I'm looking for? 

Yes! We're blessed to have a vast network of Emerald sourcing that might carry the exact watch you're looking for. Call or text: +1 (305) 788-3019 or email us at to start your search! 

Can I pay slowly? 

We invite you to inquire about our 3-5 month interest-free installment plan. Call or text: +1 (305) 788-3019 or email us at to structure a plan that works best for you! We also offer, in partnership with Shopify payments, to buy now, pay later. Please see more details with the "Shop-Pay" option at checkout.