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September birthstones, look no further.

Introducing a stunning variety of contemporary and vintage Sapphire jewelry. With legendary origins such as Thailand, Ceylon, Burma, and more. 

What makes for a valuable Sapphire?

When it comes to Sapphires, the most important factors to consider are carat size, color, and origin. A 3 carat Blue Sapphire of Burmese origin will command a higher price when compared to the same carat and color Sapphire from Thailand. 

You can find more detailed information about Sapphires here:

How do I know if the Sapphires are natural? 

All of our Sapphire jewelry comes complete with a certificate of appraisal. Certified and appraised by a GIA graduate gemologist. Our higher-end Sapphires also include certificates of authenticity from the most prestigious gemological laboratories in the world. Including GIA, AGL, GRS, and others.