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Our Story

We are a Miami based vintage jewelry company with a mission to revitalize fine vintage jewelry for the modern era. Our parent company is Pacific Jewelry, located in Key West Florida and Gad & Co., located in Hong Kong. 

Assay seeks to add value to clients by addressing the concerns in the contemporary jewelry landscape. Our number one priority is honesty and transparency. Our value is not only in the raw materials of the pieces we create, but also our word. 


Our team was founded by 3rd generation jewelers from the young age of 21. After spending their whole life around the world of jewelry, our founders felt a strong connection to the industry. In the words of one of our founders, Josef, “This is my calling, it’s in my blood”. 

Benzion and Josef Gad felt a personal responsibility to address the issues facing the jewelry industry today. They created a sustainable business with a focus on transparency and ethics. The founders have since continued to add features tailored to a positive buying experience, and will continue to do so.  

Some fun pictures to show you that we're real people!

Parent company physical retail store in Key West FL: