Our Story

Rising from a 25-year legacy of jewelers and diamond merchants, Assay Jewelers was born in the year 2020 amid the devastating COVID-19 pandemic – when our trusted clients lost the ability to come and see our beautiful collections in person – as a way to continue to serve our beloved clients even during unprecedented times.

We at Assay Jewelers have been pioneers in the jewelry industry since the founding of our parent company in 1983, and Assay Jewelers is the culmination of our decades of hard work. 

Assay Jewelers was founded by Josef and Ben Zion Gad, G.G (graduate gemologist), who come from a long lineage of jewelers and diamond traders. With experience across the industry – from diamond cutting to jewelry manufacturing and everything in between – we have combined all of our insights from across 40 years of work to offer the finest jewelry at the fairest prices.

Assay Jewelers specializes in:

  • Antique Jewelry
  • Fine Diamond/Gemstone Jewelry
  • Signed Jewelry
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Fine Timepieces
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds

As our industry knowledge is comprehensive, we know that the most important trait for any good jeweler is honesty and transparency. We have built our stellar reputation through decades of great work, and we continue to build trust and respect through our company hallmarks: expertise, transparency and honesty. 

Why Assay?

The process of testing precious metals for clarity (14K, 18K, etc)  is called assaying, while an assay is the symbol that will be hallmarked, or stamped, into a jewel. 

The assay is the most critical part of jewelry craftsmanship – the hallmark of transparency – and is the symbol of honesty and fairness in jewelry.