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Shop natural diamond, lab diamond, and alternative gemstone engagement rings. 

Enjoy a curated selection of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, or natural gemstone engagement rings. Whether you're shopping for your birthstone as an engagement ring or you're looking for a more budget-friendly diamond alternative, we have it all! 

Can you make customized rings from scratch? 

Yes! We're happy to work with you to create your very own unique engagement ring with a stone of your choice. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operation gives us the flexibility to offer excellent prices and speedy delivery for custom orders.

Start your custom order today by calling: (305) 788-3019 or emailing us at

Can I pay slowly? 

We invite you to inquire about our 3-5 month interest-free installment plan. Call or text: +1 (305) 788-3019 or email us at to structure a plan that works best for you! We also offer, in partnership with Shopify payments, to buy now, pay later. Please see more details with the "Shop-Pay" option at checkout. 

Why do people buy diamond engagement rings?

It may sometimes seem as though the purchase of a diamond engagement ring is a pointless purchase. Why buy something so expensive that in the end is just a stone?

To quote the famous jeweler Martin Rapaport, "Diamonds, forged by nature and crafted by man. The diamond engagement ring transcends the physical diamond as it communicates the message of love forever....The diamond's physical traits emotionally resonate with us because it symbolizes the traits of a loving healthy marriage." Simply put, a diamond engagement ring is an emotional purchase. Not a logical one.