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Art Deco Old-European Cut Diamond, Emerald and Onyx Platinum Art Deco Bracelet

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$47,850.00 Regular price $50,000.00

Legendary bracelet of French Art Deco origins. This bracelet mounts over 15 carats in Old Euro cut diamonds with 12 alluring Black Onyx and Emerald adornments.

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✔ Metal: Platinum
✔ Diamond Details: Approximately 15 carats in Old European Cut Diamonds
✔ Bracelet Weight: 50.5 grams
✔ Origin: France
✔ Circa: 1930's
✔ French Assay markings
✔ Emerald-Cut Emeralds
✔ Marquise-Cut Black Onyx: 12 stones
✔ Bracelet Length: 7 inches
✔ Bracelet Width: 0.90 inches