Extraordinary GIA Certified 50 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Necklace in 18K Gold

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A true masterpiece, sourced with the finest raw materials nature has to offer, this exquisite diamond necklace embodies the pinnacle of luxury. Set with over 50 carats of natural diamonds and 18k solid white and yellow gold. Over half a year of meticulous dedication went into its creation, orchestrated by gifted designers and expert craftsmen, resulting in a treasure that you will not find anywhere else. 

At the heart of this opulent piece lies a GIA certified 8.12 carat radiant-cut fancy yellow diamond, boasting “VVS1” clarity. A mesmerizing symphony of 17 additional fancy yellow diamonds gracefully cascade along the necklace, elegantly arranged in a curving parallel structure. These fancy yellow radiant-cut diamonds weigh 19.63 carats TW and exhibit a range of “VVS1-VS2” clarity. 

Accompanied with 24.06 carats of eye-clean white diamonds, their cuts ranging from marquis, pear, oval, and round-brilliant. A harmonious dance yellow and white diamond brilliance. Set in respective 18k yellow and white gold. 

This necklace is accompanied by an impressive collection of 19 GIA certificates.

Necklace Details:
- Metal: 18K White & Yellow Gold
- Gross Weight: 40.89 Grams
- Total Gemstone Weight: 50.68 CTTW


Center Stone Details:
- Type: Yellow Diamond
- Carat: 8.12
- Color: Fancy Yellow
Clarity: VVS1
- Cut: Radiant
GIA Certified # 2165490941

Side Stone Details: 

- 81 Marquise/Pear cut diamonds, 19.11 CTTW
- 150 Round cut diamonds, 3.17 CTTW
- Color: E-F
- Clarity: VS1-VS2

Diamond Table: "CFY" = "Certified Fancy Yellow"

Cut Color Carat Clarity Certification Qnty
Cushion CFY 0.69 N/A GIA # 6175653883 1
Oval F 0.91 VS2 GIA # 7131047543 1
Radiant CFY 1.23 VS2 GIA # 6135061059 1
CFY 1.20 VS1 GIA  #2145467392 1
Radiant CFY 1.35 VVS1 GIA #6135148419 1
Radiant CFY 1.27 VVS1 GIA  #6135320854 1
Radiant CFY 1.25 IF GIA  #1138320844 1
Radiant CFY 1.15 VS1 GIA  #6135320822 1
Radiant CFY 0.94 SI1 GIA  #1138320756 1
Radiant CFY 1.12 VS1 GIA  #2145796607 1
Radiant CFY 1.34 VVS1 GIA  #2145807946 1
Radiant CFY 1.08 VVS1 GIA  #2145617248 1
Radiant CFY 0.96 VVS1 GIA  #6135535216 1
Radiant CFY 1.53 VVS2 GIA  #6135466837 1
Radiant CFY 1.43 VVS1 GIA  #7131466835 1
Radiant CFY 1.74 VS1 GIA  #13358702 1
Pear D 0.43 VS1 GIA  #6155863321 1
Radiant CFY 1.35 VVS2 GIA  #1162009944 1
Radiant CFY 8.12 VVS1 GIA  #2165490941 1

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About Fancy Color Diamonds

Unlike their traditional clear counterparts, Fancy colored diamonds exhibit a captivating array of vibrant hues, including shades of blue, pink, yellow, green, and more. These diamonds acquire their unique colors due to trace elements or structural irregularities during formation. Rarity plays a crucial role in their allure, with some colors being exceptionally scarce. GIA labs grades Fancy colored diamonds with the identifiers of “Fancy Light”, “Fancy”, “Fancy Intense”, and “Fancy Vivid”. With "Fancy Light" being the least expensive and "Fancy Vivid" being the most expensive.

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