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Natural Colombian Emerald Square cut drop Earrings in 18k solid gold


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SKU: GA0934-1
Gorgeous natural Colombian Emeralds set in 18k solid gold. Colombian natural Emeralds with step-cut facets for optimal light reflection and brilliance (stones shine brightest under UV light). Premium grade 18k solid gold is double rhodium plated to ensure lifelong usage and shine. Center stones are set in a 4 prong yellow gold setting for gorgeous color contrast.

These Emerald drop earrings are one of a kind. The Emerald drop is connected by a cable chain made of 18k solid gold for sturdiness and durability.

✔ Natural Colombian Emeralds
✔ Setting: 18k Yellow Gold
✔ Emerald Weight: 2.26
✔ Emerald Shape: Emerald Cut
✔ 4 Prong Gold Setting
✔ Dimensions: 6.8mm x 5.8mm
✔ Earring Weight: 3.04 grams