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Triangle Cut Natural Diamond Double Banded Engagement Ring

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$2,150.00 Regular price $3,100.00

Double-banded, and stacked diamond engagement ring. Not your typical Diamond engagement ring, making it suitable for that extra special, unique partner.

Excellent cut center stone for optimal brilliance and light reflection. The ring is classic, timeless, and stunning. The diamond ring has a seamless and inconspicuous hook that locks the stacking band in place, creating a seamless, cohesive ring design.

✔ Natural diamonds (certified)
✔ Stackable 2-ring setting
✔ 18k Yellow Gold
✔ AGI Certification
✔ Triangle Bezel Set
✔ Carat: 0.65 ct
✔ Color: H
✔ Clarity: VS1
✔ Cut: Excellent
✔ Polish: Very Good
✔ Symmetry: Very Good
✔ Fluorescence: None
✔ Both rings made in 18k solid gold (stamped)
✔ Both rings sold together

Certificate of appraisal can be provided upon request (AGI certificate). Center stone is a natural, genuine diamond. Not lab-made, Moissanite, HPHT, or any alternative to a natural, mined diamond.




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